Looking for Vocalist in band - USA/NJ.


New Metal Member
Jul 24, 2004
We're looking for a Vocalist for our band. We are looking for a black-metal style vocalist for our neo-classical metal band. Age range: around 18-21. We are mainly concerned in how well the vocal ability is, being able to hang out with us, and stage presence. We are located in north New Jersey in the United States. www.transidium.tk is our website, although it's not done and does not have our music on it yet, you can e-mail me if you would like to hear us. Our influences reflected in our music are: Children of Bodom, Classical music. Some of it is thrashy. Some signs of Metallica before they sucked ;p. We are pretty highly into the best of Europe's metal, as scandinavia rules the scene. Well, back to where we are. We are located in Hopatcong, NJ... currently. We currently have lead guitarist, bass, keyboard, and drums.

If there is any interest, please feel free to e-mail me or post a reply.