Maiden Central BB-Con in Budapest


Apr 17, 2001
Budapest, Magyarország
I would like everyone of you to come to Budapest this summer to have FUN together. For a week, for more, I don't care. In July or in August, if possible. If you're interested, let me know.
I'll be here for sure, that's 1. ;)
Iron Bites the Dust is number 2. :D
Sign up here everybody! :)
That's the reason why I have no time...
I have to work the whole summer and probably quite a long in the autumn too...:(
I'll be so glad to be there.But I have big money problems.
My company was paying my MBA money.
But after the fuckin economical crisis they stopped to pay the money.I have to pay the remaining 7200$.
And everybody's salary in the company decreased by nearly %35 against $.
Because $ increased %50 in one night.
I wasn't ready for that so I have to collect this money.
But if I have the chance I'll be right there.
Why not dude...?!
I hope I can make it...seriously...:D
I didn't say anything before because I don't make plans...
Never did in my life...
I hope I can come...;)
Ed ,this is for your sig..:

damn ,everyone here is fucking crazy....
Hmm I cant know for now till the summer...
I hope I'll be able to come then as you invite us.
But I'm sure I'll be able to visit you one day!

And oh! You have to promise me sth! if i come to Budapest you and Lytta will have to come heer as well!:)
Originally posted by BARBARIAN
Ed ,this is for your sig..:


You like it then? :D
My little unintentional tribute to Clipsy! :D
Oh yeah, and I agree on the BB con idea!
One day we shall get together somewhere and we shall empty the place from beer! :heh: :D
Sounds like a good idea, although I can't guarantee anything. I plan to take another holiday to the Canaries at the end of July, but who knows!!!
But please register my interest :)

Hungary....hmmmm.......No beaches round there! Shit! :D
No beaches in Hungary ? :eek: What are you? Freaking Stupid?? :eek: We are talking about the Magyar Empire here, they got everything there, except Brains. They got a lake as big as the sea, but only 5 foot deep. It is such a funny place, you rent a boat, chase girls with it, and then it sinks in the middle of the lake. I tell you, Balaton is heaven on Earth.

Ivinho, you know, I'll definitely be in Pest this summer. Except when I get the Saint-Petersburg permission. So; in that case, I'll be there some other time. Oktober, or anything. Looking forward to it.:D Eh. Yes.:) :D