Maze Of Torment - The Unmarked Graves


Aug 27, 2002
In Hell
Maze Of Torment - The Unmarked Graves
Hellspawn Records, 2003


How important the proper support by a label might be, is showned in the case of the Swedish band, Maze Of Torment. It's not unusual that bands are not known outside of their homecountries but delaying an album release with 1,5 year, that's rare. Actually it happened with Maze Of Torment who recorded their fourth album The Unmarked Graves in October 2001 but because of label problems it's been released just this year, of course under an other record company.

Their fourth work consists of 12 songs, balancing between death and thrash metal with some black elements. I know it's nothing new but they exactly have that fresh, storming energies that keeps this style up to date. Well, I guess it's something to do with the excellent sound of the album as well, produced in Abyss Studios by Tommy Tagtren.
The vocals are rather thrash vocals while their music is at the fast tempod, aggressive death metal side. They have a slight black metal influence, most recognizable in the song '13th Disciple'. They even made a cool cover from 'All Hell Breaks Loose', originally performed by Misfits.
Intensive rhythms, groovy riffs, harsh, spluttering vocals are the identities of Maze of Torment, just as dozens of bands who were raised on Destruction-Kreator-Slayer. If they had come up with this album 15 years ago, it would have been among the classicals now or at least they would be mentioned as influental bands but now in 2003 they are just one among the others. Sure, we can say it's kind of evergreen stuff, keeping good old thrash metal alive, following the traditional way but making it fresher and giving a new form to it. Enjoyable album and a guarantee for headbanging for the fans of thrash metal.
My favourite tracks are: 'Satan Descends', 'Void Of Pain', 'Burn Till Death'.

1. The evil remains the same
2. Satan descends
3. The unmarked graves
4. 13th disciple
5. Fortress of doom
6. Demons rape
7. Void of pain
8. Enter the holocaust
9. Burn till death
10. Blinded by illusions
11. Formula xxx
12. All hell breaks loose

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