MEGADETH To 'Probably' Begin Recording New Album Next Summer


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Sep 30, 2001
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MEGADETH is tentatively planning to enter the studio in mid-2018 to begin recording its new album for a 2019 release. Guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine revealed on Twitter that he is in the process of "collecting ideas" for the follow-up to 2016's "Dystopia". MEGADETH's upcoming effort will mark the group's first release to feature drummer Dirk Verbeuren, who officially joined the group a year and a half ago. "Dystopia" was MEGADETH's first album with Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro, best known for his work with ANGRA. Mustaine told "Whiplash", the KLOS radio show hosted by Full Metal Jackie, about MEGADETH's current lineup: "Playing with Kiko has been really rewarding out on the road, and learning a little bit more about him as a player. Meeting Dirk was just amazing. It was what we were looking for — someone that kind of had the playing ability and spirit of Gar Samuelson and somebody who lives for metal like we do. I think that getting into the studio with the four of is now is going to be super-exciting... We're all so familiar with each other right now, I think it's going to be a kick-ass record, and I look forward to it."

we haven't started recording anything yet. I am collecting ideas just like I did on Dystopia...

— Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) December 28, 2017

I work in the studio all the time. Do yo mean for the new record? That will be prolly the mid of 18.

— Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) December 28, 2017

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