Melodic metalcore-ish mix


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Apr 16, 2011
hey guys,
This is currently work in progress song i've made, still being written, but I decided to record a bit of it to see what it sounds like.
Feedback would be appreciated on this mix if you can please.

ask if you want to know the mix in full detail.

thanks guys.

EDIT- just realised the bass is a bit too high in the mix, my apologies for that.
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Unless you "fixed" the bass and reposted on SC, the bass is in fact not too loud. Im on headphones as of this moment, but there is next to no bass on the track. And these headphones have a good low end presence to them. However they don't stretch past like 50hz so if you hear too much bass, then I can tell you it's a sub bass issue. If you mean bass guitar, then it is too quiet. Give her a little boost around 100-120hz and/or take the volume up. My only complaint really. Sounds pretty good other than that.