Mesmera - Emptiness Foreseen


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Jun 22, 2012

The band was founded by Hrvoje and Petar, who worked on original songs from the very begining. Before their search for the rest of the band members they've recorded 5 instrumentals that later became songs on the Mesmeras EP "Emptiness Foreseen".
Second guitar player was found in Ivo Jerkovic, a longtime friend who music wise fitted in perfectly. After half year of playing and creating new songs the band calls for Jerko Vicic, a young and perspective drummer whos playing style and music taste were just what the trio needed.
Last band member becomes Blaz Tomas who came on Jerkos proposition and with his peculiar growl completes Mesmeras music mosaic.
The band does a few concerts and enters the Sound Kitchen studio where they record vocals and complete their first EP "Emptiness Foreseen".
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