Metal Show At The Lspu Hall


Mar 24, 2002
August 14th. Fireign, Oberon, 1134, Rapid Burial... And also possibly the first show for a brand new black metal band that doesn't even have a name yet, but I can tell by the lineup that they are gonna be sick. It's gonna be a crazy show, we've all gotta go to this one.... It's not every day the LSPU Hall gets blown apart by crushing metal sounds. See you there.
Sounds like its going to be a good show, i'm looking forward to seeing Rapid Burial with the new line-up.

I'm definatly getting the Rapid Burial cd if its avalable, you guys are one helluva good band.
Rapid Burial T-Shirts will also be for sale for 15$ with only 36 in print as it stands. M,L,XL, & XXL
Support some local metal and get yourself a T-Shirt!
The Rapid Burial CD`s will have a two fold slip with Lyrics, kick ass cover design and band photos all Put together by the master himself Chris Mayo, Maker of the NF Metal Legion video.
See you on the 14th!