MetalSucks' Maiden Day


Master Exploder
A couple of days ago (great site btw) had a special Maiden Day where all articles posted were Maiden related. Most of this was reviews of The Final Frontier by each writer, but there is also an interesting interview with Derek Riggs on there, as well as an interview with Rod and a couple of other articles. Here is a link to the Riggs interview.

Another funny Maiden related post I saw a couple of days ago was this posted on blabbermouth:

IRON MAIDEN's Norwegian Bar Tab - Aug. 18, 2010

According to the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende, the members of IRON MAIDEN and their crew "spared no expense" when they visited the Finnegan's Irish Pub in Bergen, Norway on Monday, August 9 — two days before the band's headlining performance in the city. The 20109 NOK (Norway kroner) bar tab (approximately $3,250) included 78 pints of Guinness, 32 glasses of Heineken draft beer, 57 bottles of Hansa beer, 27 Slippery Nipple shots and seven Olden Boble Naturells.

Several members of the IRON MAIDEN crew also visited the pub the day before and day after the Bergen concert.

"Based on what we heard, the band was happy," bartender Fredrik Larsen told the Bergens Tidende. "They mingled with other guests and seemed to have fun." Some of the Finnegan's Irish Pub staff even got to play billiards with the IRON MAIDEN members.

"Since the band and crew were quite many, especially on Monday, it was the only day where all drinks were on the same bill. Otherwise, they all paid separately," added Larsen, who went on to say that the rock stars behaved courteously.