Meyvn to perform at Texas Madfest!


Meyvn Guitar Man
Sep 2, 2005
Austin, TX
We're proud to announce that Meyvn will be performing at the Texas Madfest this year in Houston, Texas! The festival takes place on July 13th-14th at F.B.I. #1 in Houston and features two nights of the best progressive and power metal from Texas and beyond. Band's confirmed so far are Eternity Black (TX), Six Minute Century (TX), Dark Empire (NY), and Meyvn! We will be performing second on Friday, July 13th. If you're in Texas that weekend and you like metal, this is a show you won't want to miss!
Hmmm.....u knwo been in TX for almost 6 years now....never once got to goto Houston......this might jsut be my excuse....hahahaha.......Ill try to make it....also keep rockin guys....!!!...PEAC EOUT