Michael Pinella featured on new God Forbid album


In the attic
Jan 3, 2002
Michael Pinella provides keyboards on the new album by New Jersey metal band God Forbid. It's actually a rather crisp and melodic platter.
Sweet. Actually, I can't imagine God Forbid with keyboards... of course, I've only heard a few songs, so maybe they do use 'em. Still, I'll check out the new album. Thanks for the info. :D
Demonspell said:
This sounds like a bizarre matchup...
Not really. Mike is from Jersey and GF is from Jersey so they probably all know each other. And even if that's not the case, when you're a musician as good as Mike, you can play anything. I'm glad he did it because it may make a couple of people who have never heard of SX do a google search on this Mike Pinella guy...