Mindwarp Chamber added to Metal Mergence III

Scott H

Monstermangraphic, Dark Star Records, Bitriot Records & Las Divas Promotions presents:

3rd Annual Metal Mergence: Chicago's Heavy Metal Conference. Graphic Artists, Record label & Booking reps, Live bands & more…

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reggies Rock Club

2109 South State Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616

Doors open 6 pm $10 admission 17 + (must provide proper ID)

The Metal Gods are back with a vengeance, inspiring musicians, graphic artists, record labels & booking agents to bring the hammer down at the 3rd Annual "Metal Mergence"! The 1 night only Networking conference will give top & upcoming talent in the Heavy Metal community a chance to showcase their work, meet record labels, booking reps and find graphic artists to assist their music projects. Art Exhibit by renowned CD artists, label reps & booking reps accepting demos, and a live performance line up that will go down in Heavy Metal History! Join us Saturday, July 11th for a night of network napalm when The 3rd Annual Metal Mergence invades the legendary Reggie’s Rock room in the heart of Chicago!

Live performances by:


Ion Vein

Bloodstream Parade

Mindwarp Chamber

Tomorrow has Arrived

And more special guests to be announced…

For more information visit www.myspace.com/metalmergence
You know, Amber, many people would make fun of this sort of activity. But then again, many people make fun of our style of music! So, I say...damn them! Damn them all to HELL!! They will pay for their ignorance! :Smokedev:
One of my buds will be at the ren faire that day, I told him to go home take a nap and come to the show. You'll get home from the faire at 6-7PM, we're playing at 10PM that gives you time to get ready for METAL.
My wife and I had a medieval/renaissance themed wedding, she walked in to an Apocalyptica rendition of Metallica, and our first dance was an Yngwie Malmsteen song. Ren faires and metal go hand in hand for us. :headbang:
Thanks to all that made it out to the show and a very special thanks goes out to Scott Jackson, the Divas, the excellent staff at Reggie's and all others that made Metal Mergence III happen.

This was my first time at Reggie's and as a patron I was very impressed with the quality of the venue, they had a fantastic bar with great food, an amazing beer selection, the record shop had lots of great items and the band room was really amazing to add to all of that the staff was excellent, the doormen, bartenders, security were all great.

As a performer I havent had the pleasure of having such a high level of professionalism from from a venue, they contacted us before the show and told us about the load in and everything else we needed to know. The staff there was excellent, the soundman, stage hand, and manager were all very excellent.

I really cant say enough about how great of time the whole night was. I only wish we could do it all over again next week.
This was only my second time at Reggies and as a customer I'll agree that it is an awesome venue and I hope to get a chance to go back soon. Glad to hear that it's a well managed venue from a band's perspective, too.

I had a great time and I hope it was a successful evening for all parties involved. Let's keep the Chicago metal scene thriving! :kickass:

[edit] Oh and by the way, glad to finally hear Supernova - it kicked ass. And you guys nailed the Powerslave cover. Extra credit to Marc for his Steve Harris machine gun bass move at the end there. Cracked me up.
Sorry I missed it.
The Lords and Ladies of the Faire insisted I join them for "tea" after the Drum Jam closing ceremonies.
I really need to clone myself.

But I've heard nothing but good things from all who attended the show. Glad it was a success! I need to check out this Reggies place. Sounds cool.
How is parking in that area?