Mix feedback please!


Liquid Studios
Nov 1, 2013
Hey guys, so I formed a little music project with various members of bands I've recorded in the past. We're called Tragedy In Numbers. I just finished recording a 5 song EP that we plan to release in a few weeks and recently finished mixing one of the songs. I know we're nothing special, but it was a lot of fun writing some songs with a bunch of guys that share similar interests in music. I was hoping to get some feedback on the mix as well as the song overall.

Once we release the full EP in a few weeks I was planning on posting the link for the free download on here and if there was enough interest, posting all the raw stems for you guys to mix for fun!

Let me know your thoughts and if you like what you hear, please support us by liking our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TragedyInNumbers

The song is called "Deep Rooted": https://www.dropbox.com/s/x4rsgdtxbeh31dx/TIN - Deep Rooted Mastered.mp3
Well, I'm not a pro, so I can only comment the general feel of the mix. I'd say that it sounds really good, heavy, powerful, but...

Two minor comments : I could be wrong or I hallucinated, but sometimes I felt like things were slightly speeding up or slowing down just a little bit.

The other thing, and it's a question of personal tastes I'd say, is the sustain of the guitars. It's like if the compressors were killing everything quite quickly after a pick attack. I guess it's the way to do it when into Djent type of sounds though, so again, it's a question of personal tastes I guess.

And remember, I am just starting to learn all that mixing/mastering stuff, so consider my opinion like being the one of a person who's just a metal listener! :)
Thanks for the feedback. You're not hallucinating. I actually change the tempos slightly section by section. For example, the verse is 130BPM but the chorus is 132BPM. I like to have the song push and pull slightly, but if it's distracting then I should consider not doing that. As for the sustain on the guitars, I don't have any compressors on the rhythm guitars, but if you are referring to the lead part I do have a compressor on that, but it's only doing 1-1.5db of GR. It's probably more of an issue with what amps/amp settings I used. Thank you so much for the feedback. I appreciate unbiased opinions
Well, to add to what I said, also considering what you told, I think that it's really a question of what YOU wanted to achieve :)

I mean, that tone sounded quite "Djenty" to me, so if that is what you were aiming for, mission accomplished. I think it's a good djenty tone.

And for the tempo thing, well, I can't really say if it's confusing or not... I guess it is a little bit. Maybe increase the tempo difference? This way we KNOW that's something part of the song and we're not wondering "Well... are they off tempo or did they accelerate on purpose?"

My 2 cents...

But overall, great job I think.
Thanks for the solid feedback man. I really appreciate it. When we release the EP, if you dig the songs, I will post all the raw stems like I said and you guys can create your own guitar tones etc. :)