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Feb 27, 2024
Hello all!

I'm working on a full length album with my band. I'm in need of some fresh pairs of ears since the drummer, vocalist and other guitarist all hear it differently and are wanting a lot of tweaks done. Keeps going back and forth and it's starting to feel like it'll never be finished haha

I try to keep it simple and stick with the "if it sounds good, it is good" approach.

Anyways, any feedback on the mix would be appreciated.



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I think it's pretty good and very clear. I think the main thing might be the kicks (a little too clicky and maybe could use some sustain - the song isn't that fast so it could maybe benefit from a slightly fatter sound). it kinda reminds me of the 3rd hail of bullets album in terms of the drums. i like the snappy snare though. overheads could maybe be a little louder since it feels like it's missing some energy

guitar tone will come down to preference but i think it doesn't quite "sit" in the mix and is a bit bland and fizzy. it's got a lot of idk "skronk" in the mids which is good but it feels a bit too narrow. what was the setup for it?