Mixing/Mastering wanted


Dec 21, 2013


I am looking for someone who is willing to do the Mastering for a Demo I am working on. Just started to mix the first Song to have a Template but I think it may not be the worst Idea to have somebody else do the Mastering.
Regarding to Prices I would also be willing to give away the Mixing.

If somebody is interested please let me know. It is a 6 Song Demo but we don't really want to afford a "commercial" Mixing/Mastering Studio. (which doesn't mean we want it for free).

Musicwise it's more a kind of Old School Death Metal.

Heavy Greetz
Thanks for all the PM's.

I will post a link to a Wavefile as soon as I am close to being satisfied with my Mix so some of you Guys can hear about what Music and Quality I am talking.

Heavy Greetz

so here's a link for the actual Mix I did with absolutely nothing on the Master Bus. Anybody who contacted me and is willing to take a shot for the Prices I mentioned in all the PM's I sent back to you is welcome. You can just mail me a link via PM if you want.

Here's the Link:


It should expire in a about 6 days I think. Tips for making the Mix better are also welcome.

Heavy Greetz