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Mar 14, 2004
Monument The other industrial(ish) metal project featuring me has a new EP 'Chrysalis' available to download from our myspace page as well as the original EP 'Cold in the City' from 2008
go here and read the relevant blog posts:

Hesper Payne My doom death band also has some 'new' material for download. in this case an album length collection of very old demos and unreleased material under the name of 'Relics from the Deep Dark Woods'. This can be downloaded along with two EP's 'Dreamer in the Deep' and 'Titans of the Northsea' here:

and finaly Irradiant my Industrial Doom and Bass (!?!) project still has its debut album up for free download here:

also check by the Axis of Perdition forum as more relics from the past are being unearthed and made available (in the Downloads section oddly enough).

Sorry for the spam Emi!
Thanks Emi!
Updates and the like:
Hesper Payne now has a website and we have a new track up for download (free), see the the relevant post on the website and myspace for details. Work is currently plodding along on a new EP and a full length album.

Halo of the Sun have a track on a limited 4 way split EP out on black goat records, to hear the track and for more details go to: a full length album is in the works and one or two new tracks may surface before then.
halo of the sun have another new track up for free download, see the myspace above for details