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Jan 8, 2002
Southampton, UK Artist Announcement

CNET Networks, Inc announced today that it has acquired certain
assets of, Inc.

Please be advised that on Tuesday, December 2, 2003 at 12:00
PM PST the website will no longer be accessible in
its current form.

Following a transition period, CNET Networks, Inc. plans to
introduce new and enhanced artist services. If you would
like to receive email updates on these new services and
notification when they are available, as well as an invitation
to their special artists-only preview, please sign up here.

Your personal information, music, images, related content or
other information will not be transferred to CNET Networks,
Inc. or any other third party.'s content administration tools will remain available
until the site is redirected on December 2, 2003. Please
note, however, that promptly following the removal of the website, all content will be deleted from our servers
and all previously submitted tapes, CD-ROMs and other media
in our possession will be destroyed. We recommend that you
make alternative content hosting arrangements as soon as

Please remember to update or remove all links and references
to the URL Additionally if you would like a
historical record of your page, we recommend that you capture
screen shots of the page as well as your artist statistics
pages since they will no longer be available once the site
goes offline. stopped collecting monthly fees for Gold and Platinum
Artist Service subscriptions as of November 3, 2003. For any
monthly Gold or Platinum Artist Service subscription fees received during the period beginning October 13, 2003
and ending November 2, 2003, will be issuing a refund
that will be prorated to reflect a termination of the
subscription as of November 2, 2003. For any previously paid
annual Gold and Platinum subscription fees has received
during 2003, will be issuing a refund that will be
prorated to reflect a termination of the subscription as of
November 2, 2003. Any artists who subscribed to the Platinum
or Gold Artist Service after November 2, 2003 will receive a
full refund of any fees paid.

If you subscribe to any other services, you will receive
separate email messages with specific information about refunds
and service availability.

Participants in the truSONIC Business Music Service program
will be receiving an email update about the process for their
continued participation in that program.

All content uploads will cease immediately. Approvals of
previously uploaded content will continue through Friday,
November 14, 2003.

CDs will be available for purchase through Monday, November
17, 2003 at 12:00 PM PST. will perform a final artist accounting and check
distribution on or around December 1, 2003. Any artist account
with a balance of at least $25.00 will qualify to receive a
payment in the final artist accounting (reduced from the usual
requirement of $50.00). Payment of CD royalties will be included
in the final artist accounting. If you anticipate a payment,
please verify and update your artist account and contact
information no later than November 20, 2003.

Please be sure to check the Sophie message board and System
Service Report (SSR) for further updates.

On behalf of all of us at we thank you for your patronage
and continued support. It has been a privilege to host one of the
largest and most diverse collections of music in the world.
wishes to express its sincere thanks to each of you for making our
website an important part of your musical journey. We wish you
continued success.


P.S. Remember that in order to receive email updates on CNET's
new artist services, you should sign up here today.