Mp3 thread for bands which opeth fans would like


Sep 4, 2002
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I was thinking it would be a great idea for people to find new bands which opeth fans would probably enjoy and having one thread just for mp3 links.

i know alot of old school forumer's will know heaps of bands already but this is more for the Newbies to help them find soem greta new bands to explore... plus find some new bands that the older guys never knew about too.

ill just start by putting in some obvious bands people who like opeth generally also apprecaite...

Everyone add some mp3 links some we can share the love1:D:D

1)Rapture (finland)

2)Novembre (italy)


4)daylight dies

i gotta to to university now.... but you get the idea.. no fuss mp3 links helping people find new bands.:loco::loco::loco::loco:
The only bands mentioned that I don't think I've heard are Infernal Method and Wars of Winter. I think I already have them both on my 'Still to download list', safely saved in Wordpad. (Which owns WORD by the way. :Smug: )

I'd put some links, but I can't be bothered right now. Will do sometime.
Although some of these bands may not be of Opeth's calibur, they are still worth checking out.

Adenine - A now defunct band from Montreal that is heavily influenced by Soilwork, a must download for fans of Soilwork. (

Serberus - American death metal with a slight touch of black metal. (

Evoken - An excellent funeral doom metal band from New Jersey.(

Grey Skies Fallen - A doomish metal band from New York, who recently broke up. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND this band. (

That's all for now.....I'll post more bands in this thread sometime in the near future.
Why would you recommend Rapture? They are kind of melodic doom death similar to early Katatonia or early Paradise Lost. I don't see the Opeth link at all.

That said, the most obvious choice is Edge of Sanity. I'm not going to link mp3s, because P2P has made mp3 linking useless.