Music For The Dead - death, black, grind, doom, and more

I compiled all of my bands and musical projects onto one page for simplicity's sake, and because people keep asking how they can access all my music. So here 'tis:

All album downloads are $1, and all CDs are $5 + s/h. I just can't ship to Russia, because kunaki doesn't ship there.
EDIT: All digital downloads are now free!

Also have a few "sneak peaks" so to speak, a few tracks from upcoming albums and collaborations.

If you like death/doom, I highly recommend checking out Licrest, as it's gotten excellent reviews.
Two new releases:

Eternal Oblivion - The Realms of Darkness
old school death/thrash.

Devourer in the Mist - Watcher From the Shadows
melodic death metal heavily influenced by early In Flames and Carcass. Lyrics all come from HP Lovecraft.