My Rockin new Dvdr list for May 2006


Jul 8, 2004
These are the latest Dvds added to my website at

Wasp Live (Audience Filmed) Goodfellas Warehouse,Pottsville,PA. USA 28th February 2006 69 min 1
Wasp Interview with Blackie from Sanctuary Records,New York City. Rockstarpix TV. 2005 11 min 1
Wasp Interview with Blackie from Rock Arena Aussie TV. 1985 6 min 2
Wasp Interview with Blackie and Alice Cooper on Shock Rock Special from Swedish TV. 10th May 2002 7 min 1
Chuck Berry with Rocking Horse Live at BBC Theatre. 29th March 1972 58 min 1
Queen And Paul Rodgers Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at Brixton Academy,London. 28th March 2005 94 min 1
Queen And Paul Rodgers Live Fancourt,George,South Africa. 19th March 2005 77 min 1
Pete Townshend Live (Audience Filmed) at The Beacon Theatre,New York. 13th July 1993 149 min 2
Keith Richards Live (Audience Filmed) Meadowlands Arena,New Jersey. 17th December 1988 106 min 2
Overkill Live (Audience Filmed) Detroit Michigan. 3rd April 1999 73 min 2
Steelheart Live (Audience Filmed) shot from left stage at ST Louis Missouri. 6th January 1992 80 min 2
Steelheart Fan Club Video with message from band plus Promos Angel Eyes,Eileen,Shes Gone and Cant Stop Me Loving You. 1991 23 min 2
Steelheart Live (Audience Filmed) Amsterdam Holland. 16th June 1992 80 min 2
Faster Pussycat Live (Audience Filmed) with good close ups filmed from the front row. Portland,OR 4th September 2001 64 min 2
Kix Live (Audience Filmed) with good close ups at Hammerjacks Baltimore,MD 4th July 1991 107 min 2
Iggy Pop Live San Francisco 1981 51 min 2
Wrathchild Live at Camden Palace,London. 1984 60 min 1
Marilyn Manson Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at Woodstage Festival Dresden,Germany. 11th June 2005 66 min 2
Foreigner Live Rockpop In Concert Dortmund,Germany. 1981 55 min 2
Whitesnake Live Starkers In Tokyo. 5th July 1997 44 min 1
Metal Church Live (Audience Filmed) Raleigh,NC 25th June 1992 46 min 2
Motley Crue Live Tacoma Dome Tacoma,WA 15th October 1987 71 min 2
Mudvayne Live (Audience Filmed) at the Electric Factory Philadelphia,PA 9th April 2005 71 min 2
Accept Live (Audience Filmed) Rockwave Festival Athens,Greece. 8th July 2005 74 min 1
Buckcherry Live Osaka Dome,Osaka,Japan. 31st December 1999 56 min 1
Buckcherry Live Woodstock Festival Rome,New York 23rd July 1999 and Live on Late Night 51 min 2
AC/DC Live Sarstock Festival Downsview Park Toronto,Canada. 30th July 2003 72 min 1
Rush Live Sarstock Festival Downsview Park Toronto,Canada. 30th July 2003 36 min 1
Iron Maiden Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at Hammersmith Apollo London,UK. 2nd September 2005 104 min 2
Styx Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at Addison Circle Park Addison,Texas. 30th April 2005 95 min 2
Queensryche 2 camera Live (Audience Filmed) with good close ups at Beacon Theatre New York. 3rd February 2005 129 min 2
Death Angel Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at Last Day Saloon,Santa Rosa,CA USA. 30th September 2004 94 min 2
Radio Birdman Promos Aloha Steve and Dianno,Take It To The Vertical,Live on The Real Thing,Live and Interview with the band from Rockturnal ABC TV 1978 and Live footage from Paddington Town Hall Show. 69 min 3
Exploited Live at the Palm Cove. 1982 50 min 2
Nuclear Assult Live at the Hammersmith Odeon. 4th October 1989 63 min 1
Queens Of The Stone Age Live Belfort France. 1st July 2005 60 min 1
Disturbed Live (Audience Filmed) Mankato Civic Center Mankato,MN 2nd May 2003 89 min 2
Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band Live Born In The USA Tour at Grandstand Exhibition Stadium,Toronto,Ontario,Canada. 26th July 1984 and Bonus Live material from 1984 to 1985 which is (Grade 2) 146 min 1
Dimebag Darrell Tribute Fuse Tribute,News Reports,Live Footage and Promos. 2004 91 min 1
Saxon Distant Live (Audience Filmed) at Metalway Festival,Gernika,Spain. 13th August 2005 63 min 1
Running Wild Live (Audience Filmed) Powermad Festival Italy. 22nd July 2000 92 min 2
Robert Plant And The Strange Sensations Live Caprices Festival Crans Montana,Switzerland. 10th March 2006 78 min 1
Rolling Stones Live Rio De Janeiro,Brazil. 18th February 2006 114 min 1
U2 Distant Live (Audience Filmed) Mexico City. 16th February 2006 129 min 2
U2 Live Mcmordie Hall at Queens University Belfast,Northern Ireland. 23rd January 1981 16 min 2
Queensryche Live (Audience Filmed) with good close ups at New Brunswick,N.J. 14th March 2000 102 min 2
Brides Of Destruction Live (Audience Filmed) with good close ups at the Gaelic Club,Sydney. 13th June 2004 and Promo Shut The Fuck Up. 82 min 1
System Of A Down Live at Fillmore Auditorium,Danver,Colorado. 29th January 2000 and Promo Toxicity. 48 min 1
Korn Live in a TV Studio and Interview with Jonatahan from See You On The Canal+ Paris,France. 13th February 2006 35 min 1
Korn Live U-Fest,Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavillion,Phoenix,AZ. 24th September 1995 (Sound is average but the picture quality is poor on this show) 44 min 4
Korn 2 camera Live (Audience Filmed) Palais Omnisport,Bercy,Paris,France. 14th June 2004 80 min 2
Korn Live (Audience Filmed) The Forum,London,UK. 25th November 2005 73 min 2
Sammy Hagar Live Dean Lesher Center Walnut Creek,CA from AFR Rocks-TV Broadcast. 9th January 2004 60 min 1
Talisman Live (Audience Filmed) Blackout Rock Club Rome,Italy. 27th May 2003 49 min 1
Slipknot Live Belfort,France European Festival Tour. 4th July 2004 62 min 1
Slipknot Live at Rock AM Ring Nuerburg,Germany. 3rd June 2005 80 min 1
Slipknot Live (Audience Filmed) Gods Of Metal Festival Monza,Italy. 11th June 2000 62 min 2
Rush Live (Audience Filmed) Toronto,Canada. 17th May 1990 120 min 2
Rush Live (Audience Filmed) Test For Echo tour Minneapolis,MN. 29th October 1996 163 min 2
Slipknot Interview dubbed in German and Live at London Astoria 24th May 2004 from Viva Hells Kitchen Massacre. 99 min 1
Soundgarden Live (Audience Filmed) Stabler Arena Bethlehem,PA. 24th June 1994 110 min 2
Rush Live Passiac,N.J. USA 10th December 1976 (Black and White picture) 38 min 2
Rush Promos Fly By Night,Circumstances,A Farewell To Kings,Xanadu,Show Dont Tell,The Pass,Roll The Bones,Sick It Out and Nobodys Hero. 48 min 2
Rush Live (Audience Filmed) Lawlor Events Center Reno,Nevada. 1st June 1992 130 min 2
Slipknot Live (Audience Filmed) Lycabetus Theatre Athens,Greece. 30th May 2005 76 min 2
Slipknot Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at Pontiac,MI 30th July 2000 54 min 2
Slipknot Live Lisbon,Portugal,Parque Bella Vista,Rock In Rio Festival. 4th June 2004 59 min 1
Slipknot Distant Live (Audience Filmed) at Donington Download Festival,UK. 12th June 2005 70 min 2
Robin George Live on E.C.T. 8 min 2
Suede Promo Positivity 3 min 1
Bush Live at Rock AM Ring. 17th May 2002 73 min 2
Ozzy Osbourne Best of Ozzfest with Live performances from Slaves On Dope,Kittie,Disturbed,Soulfly,Methods Of Mayhem,StaticX,Godsmack,Pantera and Ozzy at Devore,CA. 2nd September 2000 117 min 2
Ted Nugent Live (Audience Filmed) with good close ups at the Trocadero Theatre Philadelphia,PA. 1st March 2005 130 min 1
Nickelback Live (Audience Filmed) Fairgrounds,Allentown,PA. 30th August 2005 78 min 2
Motley Crue 2 camera Live (Audience Filmed) Gund Arena Cleveland,OH. 22nd February 2005 130 min 2
Michael Schenker Group Live The Joint Las Vegas,NV. 16th May 1999 85 min 2
Michael Schenker Group Live Tokyo,Japan Superrock. 1984 58 min 1
Bret Michaels (unsteady camera) Live (Audience Filmed) at the Machine Stop Flint,MI 23rd October 2005 plus Poison on VH-1 40,Squeezebox Live on the Craig Kilborn Show and Bret Live on Nashville Star. 70 min 2
Queen And Paul Rodgers (unsteady camera) Live (Audience Filmed) at Globe Arena Stockholm. 30th April 2005 130 min 2
Journey Live (Audience Filmed) Beacon Theatre,New York. 23rd November 2005 145 min 1
Motorhead Interviews with Lemmy from Viva Fast Forward,Viva Plus Rock on Hammered plus Promos Brave New World and Serial Killer. 31 min 2
Def Leppard Live (Audience Filmed) Hollywood,Florida. 22nd July 2005 87 min 1
Jimmy Eat World Live Oster Rocknacht Dusseldorf,Philipshalle. 31st March 2002 67 min 2
Suede Live Union Street,Beautiful Loser and Interview from Recovered. 2002 8 min 2
Puddle of Mudd Interview with band,Live Brother and Blurry from Recovered. 2002 8 min 2
Jimmy Eat World Promo Bleed American 3 min 1
Korn MTV Kountdown to Korn documenting the release of Untouchables. 2002 21 min 2
Red Hot Chili Peppers MTV Jammed. 2002 21 min 2
Rasmus,The Live on Viva Interaktiv. June 2003 8 min 2
Queens Of The Stone Age Live Rock AM Ring. 8th June 2003 59 min 2
Dredg Live Rock AM Ring. 17th May 2002 27 min 2