Nervecell @ Egypt Metal Fest reviews


Feb 14, 2007
Hey everyone.

Share your reviews and thoughts of Nervecell's show at Egypt Metal Festival 2007 which took place in 2/3/2007 in Cairo, Egypt.

Feel free to post pictures or videos.

Thanks to all who supported the band and came to the fest. Special thanks to the organizers of the festival (Azzam & Ekramy). Thanks for your hard work and great hospitality.
hey dude

i was at your concert and i thoguht u ppl were awesome,,i really enjoyed all your songs and thxxxxxx a lot for playing "beyond our sins" :kickass: this band is truely the best band i've ever seen on stage and for sure the best band in the middle east
It was an honor for us to play in Egypt. Thanks for your words and glad that you enjoyed 'Beyond Our Sins'. We will sure play Egypt again \m/