Nevermore on German-TV this Sunday



I might be wrong, but I think there will be the earlier announced TV-appearance of Nevermore on the German Tatort-Series this Sunday, 09/09 at 8:15 p.m. (ARD-Channel), recorded in April this year in Stuttgart.

Hopefully they will show us some good moments of the show...
I wonder what it will be like?
I sure know i'm going to tape it, because i will be at a gig. My boyfriend has to perform for the first time, with his new band so I'll have a great day! At first i'm going to watch Stanford (my boyfriend) and when i come home, i'm gonna watch the tape....
I can't wait!

I checked my televisionguide today, and it says that Tatort will be:Bienzle und der todesschrei.
The one with Nevermore was titled: Bienzle und die jungen wilden.
So, i mailed CM today, to ask if they can check it out.
Maybe it's a wrong announcement in the guide, but i want to know for sure.
I will let you know, when i hear from them.
bye bye

Ok,CM just send me a mail and they conformed the new title is : Bienzle und der todesschrei.
So, same date, same time, only the title changed.
Enjoy the show!!!
If someone tapes it,,,ill buy a copy,,,,,,*money order*,,, Iknow u could use some cash,,and u know I could use another live show.
Heya! i´m goin to watch tatort this weekend - cant believe im doin such a shite but with nevermore performing in there ... whoa!! of course im taping this!!:loco: