New axe!


I killed Kenny
Dec 11, 2005
I just got a new toy!


It is a Laguna LE 524. Laguna is a new company resurrected from the ashes of Brawley guitars who went out of business a few years back due to a shitty distribution contract mostly, but they were making really great guitars at even better prices.

I've been playing on this puppy for a few days now and am quite pleased.

Swamp ash body with flamed maple arch top.
Canadian hardrock maple neck, rosewood fretboard.
Licensed Floyd Rose
Tone knob doubles as a coil tap.

The pickups are their own design and they are actually pretty good; they are bit hotter than my SG but not too high gain. I am happy with them so far - we'll see after I've had it for a while more

The neck isn't too thin like lots of Ibanez and Jacksons, and the volume knob is just far enough away from the bridge that I don't bump it when I downstroke!