NEW BAND - VESTED IRE - come on by

Hello everyone-

We are a 2 piece project from the North bay..California.

Just wanted to add that our new project Vested Ire will be entering the studio soon for a release of a small 4-5 song EP. Travis Smith (opeth, katatonia, nevermore etc.) will most likely be doing our cover artwork/layout.

The tracks that are up on the account are just GARAGE/ROUGH previews of what is to come... these of course are not finished songs or final production. if they were I would flip out and kick the engineers ass.

Anyhow just wanted to add a blurb about us. If ya feel like it, come on by and check out the previews in the works. Not only do we need support in the underground...everyone needs support in the underground. We will have a regular website up very soon.

the Link is below: