New Blind Guardian


Oct 27, 2005
Portland, ME
If I remember correctly there are a few Blind Guardian fans on here, anyone check out the new album? Besides a few too many Ballad songs it's pretty awesome, i'm especially enjoying the older blind guardian type songs like Ride Into Obsession and A Voice In The Dark.

oh sweet looked up the other song and apparently there is an official video already, too bad it's cheese :p

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It's shitting epic, Wheel of Time is too good.

Although that video for 'A Voice in the Dark' is pretty irrelevant considering that the lyrics in that song are about A Song of Ice and Fire :s
I gave it a few spins and it was pretty excellent. a lot of stuff reminiscent of Nightfall.

Wasn't really feeling the heavily orchestrated tracks. They sounded like the band was in the background, a little bit of an overkill.
Hansi cut his hair, huh?

For BG this is pretty good, but I have no desire to hear any of it again. Lord of the Rings and Valhalla are the only songs I really like from them. Except Wheel of Time. This song is fucking badass.