New dvd list for November 2006


Jul 8, 2004
This is my new list of dvds added to my website
If you need to see screen shots from any dvd here or from the website just ask.

Wasp Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at Sweden Rock Festival. 9th June 2006 74 min 2
Agnostic Front Live (Audience Filmed) Coney Island High NYC,NY. 1997 30 min 2
Cromags Live (Audience Filmed) Albany,NY. 18th August 2000 62 min 2
Fantomas Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads Sao Paulo,Brazil. 26th August 2000 62 min 2
Fantomas Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at horse Shoe Tavern Toronto,Canada. 18th September 2001 59 min 2
Vain Interview with Davy and Danny from Raw Power1989 and Interview with the band in San Francisco from Raw Power 17 min 2
Datsuns Interview with Christian and Dolf on Smoke And Mirrors from 4Play. 2006 11 min 1
Eagles Of Death Metal Documentary on the road amidst their UK Tour from Rockfeedback. 2005 24 min 1
Snow Patrol Live and Interview at London's Royal Opera House from Vodafone TBA. 26th April 2006 49 min 1
Snow Patrol Featuring Martha Wainwright Live Set The Fire To The Third Bar from Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. 6th October 2006 4 min 1
Eyehategod Live (Audience Filmed) The Monkey Bar Huntington,WV. 27th May 2005 69 min 2
Anal Cunt Live (Audience Filmed) Wetlands NYC,NY. 20th March 1994 25 min 2
Deftones Live Rock In Rio Rio De Janeiro,Brazil. 21st January 2001 49 min 2
Deftones Live San Jose,CA. 12th January 1996 48 min 2
Kiss Clips of Kiss and the fans Tokyo,Japan. March 2003 10 min 1
Evanescence Live Call Me When You're Sober from Late Night. 2nd October 2006 4 min 1
Destruction Live (Audience Filmed) Teatro Novedades,Santiago Chile. 19th April 2006 82 min 2
Mercyful Fate Live (Audience Filmed) Santiago,Chile. 15th August 1999 (Picture is a bit dark) 85 min 2
Manowar Live at the Ritz New York. 1989 42 min 2
Gathering,The Live (Audience Filmed) Teatro Caupolican,Chile. 8th March 2006 69 min 2
Oasis Sunday Times Exclusive Documentary on Dont Believe The Truth. May 2005 22 min 1
Oasis Live City Of Manchester Stadium,Manchester. 2nd July 2005 75 min 1
Judas Priest Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads Retribution In Birmingham NEC. 19th March 2005 120 min 2
Judas Priest Live Rock In Rio 11 Maracana Stadium. 23rd January 1991 74 min 2
Kiss The Soundchecks at Orlando,FL. 12th December 1993,Brooklyn Bridge,NY. 4th September 1996,Erfurt,Germany 11th March 1999 and Melbourne,Australia. 27th February 2003 49 min 3
Kiss Brazilian TV Collection. 1994 123 min 2
Kiss Dynasty TV Collection. 1979 88 min 2
Metallica Live (Audience Filmed) The Stone San Francisco,CA. 19th March 1983 (Audio is good but picture quality is poor) 54 min 3
Metallica Live (Audience Filmed) Pavillion De La Jeunesse Quebec City,Quebec. 5th December 1986 91 min 2
Anthrax Live Metal Hammer Festival Zeche,Bochum Germany. 12th May 1986 70 min 2
Garbage Live The Exit Festival Novi Sad,Serbia. 8th July 2005 plus a Live (Audience Filmed) version of it 132 min 2
John Fogerty 2 camera Live (Audience Filmed) Beacon Theatre NYC,NY. 14th November 2004 111 min 2
Gamma Ray Live (Audience Filmed) Barcelona Spain. 1st November 2003 46 min 1
Gamma Ray Live (Audience Filmed) Thessaloniki,Greece. 20th May 2000 85 min 3
Gamma Ray Incomplete Live (Audience Filmed) Wacken Open Air Festival,Wacken,Germany. 1st August 2003 35 min 2
Stratovarius Live (Audience Filmed) Wacken Open Air Festival,Wacken,Germany. 1st August 2003 73 min 2
Megadeth Cuts at end Live (Audience Filmed) Santiago,Chile. 6th October 2005 (Shot in the middle version) 115 min 1
Blackmores Night Incomplete Live (Audience Filmed) Venice,Italy 23rd October 2003,Live Schloss-Burg Solingen,Germany 25th July 2002,Various news clips,Promo Way To Mandalay and Live All Because Of You from ZDF 25th July 2004 74 min 2
Blackmores Night Live (Audience Filmed) with good close ups Moscow. 14th April 2002 62 min 2
Wishbone Ash Live (Audience Filmed) at the Limelight Club Crewe,UK. 18th October 2004 103 min 2
Helloween Live (Audience Filmed) at Wacken Open Air,Germany. 3rd August 2001 65 min 2
Helloween Live Seoul,Korea. 23rd February 2001 49 min 2
Cromags Live (Audience Filmed) shot from side of stage at Newcastle,Australia. 18th February 2003 52 min 3
Scorpions Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at Lorca Rock Festival Murcia,Spain. 15th August 2003 97 min 2
Ratt Live (Audience Filmed) at Pekings Palace Pasadena,CA. 17th June 1983 45 min 3
Neurosis Great Live (Audience Filmed) shot from front row at San Diego Showcase Theatre San Diego,CA. 19th September 1997 75 min 1
Dio Live (Audience Filmed) Exhibition Grounds Pavilion 1 Tel Aviv,Israel. 29th October 2005 98 min 2
Eyehategod Live (Audience Filmed) at the Emerson Theatre Indianapolis,IN. 20th May 2005 85 min 1
Slayer unsteady camera with some heads Live (Audience Filmed) at Velodromo Estadio Santiago,Chile. 8th September 2006 101 min 2
Paul Mccartney Live Hope Of Deliverance,C'mon People from Top Of The Pops,David Frost Interview 1997 and Restoration of Forthlin Road from UK TV 104 min 2
Megadeth Incomplete Live (Audience Filmed) with Kerry King on guitar at the Keystone,Berkley,CA,USA. 15th April 1984 47 min 4
Lacuna Coil Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at Ozzfest Toronto,Canada. 25th July 2006 33 min 2
Lacuna Coil Live (Audience Filmed) Arena Parconord in Bologna,Italy Gods Of Metal Festival. 11th June 2005 62 min 1
Lacuna Coil Live (Audience Filmed) Manchester,New Hampshire at Arms Park. 30th April 2004 38 min 2
Vader 2 camera Live (Audience Filmed) with good close ups at Antofagasta,Chile. 31st May 2005 55 min 2
Scorpions Live (Audience Filmed) Karaiskaki Arena Athens,Greece. 19th July 2006 112 min 1
Whitesnake Live (Audience Filmed) Karaiskaki Arena Athens,Greece. 19th July 2006 69 min 1
Morbid Angel Live (Audience Filmed) La Locomotive,Paris,France. 23rd February 2004 69 min 2
Kiss Live Hot In The Shade Palace Of Auburn Hills Detroit,Michigan. 14th October 1990 (audio has background noise) 116 min 3
Kiss Live Hot In The Shade Palace Of Auburn Hills Detroit,Michigan. 18th May 1990 107 min 2
Exodus Live (Audience Filmed) with good close ups Cambridge,USA. 20th August 1997 68 min 2
Megadeth Behind The Music. 2001 77 min 2
Corinne Bailey Rae Live Like A Star from Parkinson UK TV. 7th October 2006 5 min 1
When Rock Ruled The World Documenatary looking at the Rock music ERA from 1970 to mid 1980s with Lemmy,Bruce Dickinson,Ice-T,Cronos of Venom,Nikki Sixx,Ozzy,Alice Cooper,Noddy Holder,Francis Rossi,Rob Halford,Slash and more from BBC TV. 2002 58 min 2
Gamma Ray Live (Audience Filmed) Salonika,Thessaloniki Greece. (11/10/1997) 95 min 2
Opeth Live (Audience Filmed) Circo Volador,Mexico. 15th November 2003 (cuts at the end) 123 min 2
Behemoth Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at Fat Cats Club Houston,TX. 25th January 2005 38 min 2
After Forever Live (Audience Filmed) with some heads at Bevrijdings Festival,Almere. 5th May 2004 44 min 2
Limp Bizkit MTV Diary of first European Tour 2001 and Live Wish You Were Here 26 min 2
Limp Bizkit Spotlight,Awarded for best Rock video at the Video Music Awards 2000,Live N2gether with Method Man at MTV 20 and Awarded Best Rock Video. 2001 18 min 2
Limp Bizkit MTV Diary of Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock plus MTV Fanatic. 1999 25 min 2
Limp Bizkit Back To Basics opening show from MTV all access weekend. 2000 42 min 2
Zakk Wylde Great Live (Audience Filmed) at House of Guitars,Rochester,NY. 1st May 1993 64 min 2