New Laser's Edge signing..Kingfisher Sky


Man Behind The Curtain
Dec 26, 2002
Ken Golden, Director of Operations for The Laser's Edge, announces the addition of Dutch Progressive Rock band Kingfisher Sky to the label.

Laser's Edge Records will release the band's debut Hallway of Dreams throughout North America on March 25, 2008.

"As a fan of Within Temptation, I've been following the activities of former members," says Golden. "When I discovered Ivar DeGraaf had created a new project I was anxious to hear it. When I heard Kingfisher Sky's unique and innovative sound, I was anxious to sign them!"

Drummer Ivar DeGraaf formed Kingfisher Sky after leaving Within Temptation. With diverse influences such as Clannad, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel and Porcupine Tree, the writing resulted in a style that isn't easy to categorize. In one moment the music is dreamy and atmospheric, then heavy and brutal the next.

Featuring classically trained vocalist Judith Rijnveld, the band also includes ex-Orphanage bassist Eric Hoogenboorn, guitarists Daan Janzine and Edo van Der Kolk and keyboardist George Van Offen.

The Laser's Edge is distributed in North America through Big Daddy Distribution, Fusion III (Canada), Century Media, The End Records, Manic Distribution, and Nightmare Records.

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