New Nightwish DVD: Showtime, Storytime!


The time has come soon to wrap up the magical & memorable one-and-a-half year `Imaginaerum World Tour´ 2012-2013! We still have three shows left, one of them being at the legendary Wacken Open Air Metal Festival on the 3rd of August. This show will be something extra special, since it will be released later this year on DvD/Blu-ray, together with a massive `Imaginaerum World Tour´ 2012-2013 documentary. Our darling flying Dutchwoman, Floor Jansen, has been nothing but incredible during her time in Nightwish on this tour, so this is a perfect opportunity to immortalize the current vibe of the band on film!
Kind of disappointed that there is no real dvd with anette!


Crimson Tide
(Hans Zimmer song)
Dark Chest of Wonders
Wish I Had an Angel
She Is My Sin
Ghost River
Ever Dream
I Want My Tears Back
(with Troy Donockley)
(with Troy Donockley)
Last of the Wilds
(with Troy Donockley)
Bless the Child
Ghost Love Score
Song of Myself
Last Ride of the Day
Nightwish: Hit the Floor Running

Nightwish: You've been Floored

:lol: The possibilities are endless.
Agree on the Anette video complaints, I wish Nightwish had sorted out the legal complications behind her covering old songs on actual cds - at least we have some great professional videos on youtube I guess.
I'm quite underwhelmed by this setlist, I assumed that they'd do some pre-century child songs with Floor by this point.
Update: the DVD will be released on November 29th, and it has a name...Showtime, Storytime!

Here are some more details straight from the band's website...

Finnish Symphonic Metal legends NIGHTWISH have revealed the cover artwork and more details of their upcoming new live DVD. »Showtime, Storytime« contains the entire NIGHTWISH headliner show, played at this years' legendary Wacken Open Air - the world's biggest heavy metal festival. The live show in the front of 85 000 screaming metalheads was directed by Ville Lipiäinen, filmed with seventeen cameras and has a total duration of 85 minutes.

The second disc consists of 120-minute tour documentary 'Please Learn The Setlist in 48 Hours', also directed by Ville Lipiäinen, with no short of drama or overall madness. Also, there is a 16-minute NIGHTWISH Table Hockey Tournament, filmed on tour. On top of this there are two music clips: 'I Want My Tears Back' (Live at Hartwall Arena) and 'Ghost Love Score' (Live in Buenos Aires).

The Wacken Open Air appearance was the first of the three final shows of the band's `Imaginaerum World Tour´ 2013, which saw the Norsemen and their Dutch amazon Floor Jansen (REVAMP) playing of 104 concerts in 34 different countries with total audience of over 1,5 million fans around the globe.
Mastermind and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen states: "Our darling flying Dutchwoman, Floor Jansen, has been nothing but incredible during her time in NIGHTWISH on this tour, so this is a perfect opportunity to immortalize the current vibe of the band on film!"

The setlist reads as follows (DVD1):
01. Dark Chest Of Wonders
02. Wish I Had An Angel
03. She Is My Sin
04. Ghost River
05. Ever Dream
06. Storytime
07. I Want My Tears Back
08. Nemo
09. Last Of The Wilds
10. Bless The Child
11. Romanticide
12. Amaranth
13. Ghost Love Score
14. Song Of Myself
15. Last Ride Of The Day
16. Outro (Imaginaerum)

»Showtime, Storytime« will be released on November 29th as a "Ltd. 2Blu-ray + 2CD DIGI", "Ltd. 2DVD + 2CD DIGI", "Ltd. 2CD DIGI", "2LP (coloured) in gatefold" and an exclusive "Nuclear Blast Mailorder Edition".

Pre-sales will start soon - check: or

Thanks to Craig for the link and information.
I really would've liked more of a focus on the later two albums, considering there is already a live release focused on Tarja era.
Well, for those fans out there who have been complaining about there being no Anette on a live DVD, you now have someone to blame...Anette herself.

Apparently, the director of the upcoming DVD has released a statement saying that Anette has forbidden any audio/video/images of her on the documentary portion of the new DVD. So for those of us who were at the opening shows of the tour and remember seeing all those cameras over the weekend? Well, good luck seeing whether or not anything came of it now!

So, if I may be blunt, for all those fans who keep complaining about Anette not being on a DVD, take it up with her. Sounds to me like they gave her the opportunity to be a part of this and she refused it. I suppose she has her reasons, but it's not like there wasn't an attempt made to include her.