Jan 24, 2008
Hey ya'll,

For all interested, I have been working hard most of this year recording, mixing and mastering the new Noctis double album "Silent Atonement" due to be released next year. So we thought it was time we uploaded a track to give you an idea of what this album will bring. The track we have decided to share is called "Anyone Else" and was the last Noctis song to be written and recorded. It is quite different from what we've done before and shows a side of Noctis that has not been heard yet. Due to the album consisting of 2 x discs roughly 50mins long each, we will share with you another track from the album in the coming weeks. It will be a track showcasing the heavier side of Noctis.

So without any further ado, please enjoy Anyone Else.
This stuff is full of pure awesomeness. Thanks a lot for spamming this barely visited forum. I look forward to buy the 2 CDs when they are out. Now please stop spamming the web and continue working on the mix/mastering of the album, which btw, is not too shabby sounding.