New 'real world' Local Metal Magazine


Local Metal Magazine
We're looking for bands that want to be featured in a professional 'real world' magazine and the fans that want to get it free. Local Metal Magazine is a new syndicated full color magazine dedicated to local and unsigned bands in the US.

You've probably seen the national acts featured in magazines like:
Hit Parader, Metal Edge , and others.
Same professional high-gloss full color BUT, we only cover local and unsigned bands. We are a professional media , magazine and print company.

Excellent promotional tool for your band to get local and national exposure. We'll be featuring bands soon in the new issues.
This will be a Free subscription magazine.
if you'd like help us get the word around to metal bands.
it aint a joke, and we're seriously trying to get the word out.
If you think the idea is kick ass, then feel free to tell some friends, fans, your grandma ..whoever.

Sign up to get it delivered to your door step.

Thanks you rock ,
Local Metal Magazine