News on Petrucci's Solo album

Seventh Son

Zero Salvation
Apr 16, 2001
Sydney, Australia
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12-18-01  Good news! John has begun recording his first solo album. There will most likely be 9 tracks on the cd. The new songs John performed on the G3 tour will be included. They are Jaws of Life (fomerly I.B.S.), Damage Control and Glasgow Kiss. Musicians recording along with John include Dave LaRue on bass, Dave DiCenso on drums for seven tracks, and Tony Verderosa on drums for one track. The cd is being engineered by Doug Oberkircher at Doug's studio in Suffern, NY. More updates will be coming from John later.

Ok, for those who want to know who Dave Dicenso is, he is the assistant professor of percussion at berkley college of music (same school as most of dt) and he has played with Steve Morse, Dave LaRue, Duran Duran, and even Petrucci before. So he must have some talent.
At the moment I'm downloading a sample from his page to see what he is like. I let you know.
He's from Dream Theater, Southy. One of THE great guitarists in the world today, and thankfully one of the least proggy members of the band :) In my opinion, of course.