Niharp (Thrash/Prog) from Brazil


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Dec 9, 2013
Hey metalheads! \m/

We are Niharp, a Brazilian thrash/power metal band, which mixes some 70's progressive elements. People sometimes compares us with Iced Earth, Metallica, Nevermore, Blind Guardian and Opeth (depending of the song). If you like some of this bands (or not ;P) we invite you to take a listen.

We are promoting our first release (it's just a single album for a while...) called "A New Beginning". If you would like to have an instant preview of our music please check the title track, this is a thrashy song:

Our facebook page is:

Supporting us or helping spreading our music through the web would be REALLY much appreciated, it would help us a lot!

Thank you very much! \m/
Murilo Mazza / Niharp
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