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Nov 17, 2009
Formerly Invador:
Formed back in 2008 as Flacid, Invador is an experimental thrash band from Moreno Valley / Riverside, California. The band is locally known for their different approach to thrash and/or metal, using interesting syncopated rhythms and fun melodies in their music to create a new sound in order to stand out among other bands. Some unique characteristics of the band are the use of improvisation (all drum fills and guitar solos are improvised and never written beforehand), melodic singing, humor, and genre jumping.

**The band has recently changed their name to Noctima (with a logo coming soon) in order to promote themselves differently--as not a typical thrash band--and to therefore expand their potential fan base from specifically thrash fans to progressive rock/metal, punk, experimental, psychedelic, and fans of other music genres as well.

Some important and unique moments in the music:
- The bizarre solo to 10,000 Volts
- The bass track and solo on Last Men Standing
- Santiago's Interlude: a solo transition Santiago randomly improvised during a show in order to merge into Shellshocked. It is now recorded and used for the demo.
- The structure and outro to Shellshocked
- "May I?" The difference between the rest of the songs (old songs) and the new song (May I?). It marks the line where the band was just thrash and became, or is becoming, a whole different genre (or subgenre if you will).

Here is "May I?" and if you click on the link, it will take you to the playlist where you can listen to all of their music off their recent demo "Early Years...Except for May I?.

Hope you enjoy this original music, and if so, please do your part in helping Noctima get some recognition.
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