Noise gate in the studio ?


Oct 30, 2010
I just realised I was using two noise gates in the effect chain of my GT-10, because I NEED them when rehearshing on my 100W amp. But I turned them off just now and, despite the hum (which is not heard while music is playing at the same time) it's like I can "feel" my pick now.

Do you use a noise gate while tracking ?
Nope, if it cuts off too soon whilst recording then you can't recover what it silenced; record raw and you can cut out whatever you like.
Depends on the band and the sound they come in with. If it's someone doing an over the top hi gain sound with lots of stops and starts I might use one. Usually I edit the miced tracks after though.
Yes and no. Depends on the playing/ amp + di noise etc. But I DO like what an ISP Decimator does in the loop on an amp when I'm reamping. So half the time yes, half the time no :)