The Nightmare Has Begun..
ANUBIS GATE are gearing up for the release of their new self-titled effort September 13th on Nightmare Records. Starting today, Noisecreep is giving fans the first chance to hear a song from this highly anticipated release. Head over to and get a first listen to "Golden Days".

The music of ANUBIS GATE: Stylistically Anubis Gate is conglomeration of the classic 80's heavy metal, a more epic 90's ambience and a dark progressiveness of our days. You could describe it as metal with beautiful soundscapes, cool riffing, and a clear and powerful vocal performance.

The new album, titled simply ANUBIS GATE, is the most beautiful album the band has yet emerged with. The songwriting, which has always been the core of the "ANUBIS GATE sound", stands stronger than ever. This time emphasized by the fact that Henrik Fevre, who was largely responsible for writing the vocals on the previous albums, gets to sing the songs he wrote himself, injecting the emotion and meaning into the lyrics that he had in mind when writing them.

Once again produced by Kim Olesen and Jacob Hansen and with a stunningly great mix done by the latter, this album brims not only the twin guitar attack of Jesper M Jensen and Kim Olesens guitars, but the true emotion of Henrik Fevres voice, the rich soundscapes of Kim Olesens keyboard work and the dream rhythm section of Morten Sørensens drumming and Henrik Fevres' bass playing.