Off topic: Joey Belladonna show review


Aug 19, 2003
Montreal, qc, canada
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Joey Belladonna (ex-anthrax)
Montreal, Canada, september 19th:

This wasn't the most crowdy venue, or the most extreme venue. but it was a "true" venue. The spirit of what metal once was and what it still is sometimes was there... It was an enchanting experience.

The show started at 8pm and Joey came by while people were waiting in line at the door and took the time to shake hands with each and everyone of the people in line which I thought was very cool of him. Then the opening band was... decent and then came the moment we were all waiting for, seeing Joey walk on stage.

First, the band, they are 3 in it. Joey who plays drums AND sings at the same time. He has this Britney spears pop-stars kinda mic that is attached to his head. (he did have some tech problems with it during the night hehe). Then his basisit, who is kinda rushing to get the songs together but he's a good friend of joey so people didn't mind when he went to sing "nisefuckinlife" backwords in N.F.L, joey laughed when he had to sing his part after that. To finish, the guitarist which can pull off all of Dan Spitz leads pretty well, he handled the job pretty good.

The set was ALL anthrax songs but two of his solo career songs and 2 black sabbath covers. The rest of the songs were requests from the fans in the audience throwing song names.

Here is the setlist:
New song from Joey
Other new song from Joey
Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath: Sweet leaf
In my world
Caught in a mosh
Got the time
I am the law
Armed and dangerous

That set blew me away, I'm just sad he didn't play lone justice, but oh well, you can't have everything, he did play my favorite anthrax song of all: In my world.

Killer show! despite that it was on a sunday and the turnup of fans was down a little.
saw the show in st louis, was kinda bummed that he played drums all though he did good it just wasnt a a normal show for me!! and yes he hung out all night and was cool as shit to everyone!!