Official new Dream Theater album news (Holy Shit)

Spruce Goose

Then Goose me up woman!
Apr 17, 2001
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This sounds unbelievable!!

Well, we will finish mixing this week and will master next week....and after that, it is in the hands of I suppose it is time to spill some beans!!! : )

Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance
The new album will be a 2CD Set consisting of Six songs: "The Glass Prison", "Blind Faith", "Misunderstood", "The Great Debate", "Disappear" and the entire 2nd CD will consist of the 40-minute title track "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance"

Once again the album was Produced by Mike Portnoy & John Petrucci and Mixed by Kevin Shirley

An exact release date hasn't yet been confirmed, but it is slated for January 2002
It's on the official Dream Theater site, and it's not April - so I guess it must be true.

I hope not! Six songs is ok, as long as it has more than six tracks.

I don't like A Change Of Seasons simply because I never get the chance to listen to a 20 minute plus song - therefore 40 minutes is beyond a joke. :mad: