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Oct 10, 2001
Studio tracks only. I could use some more input. Know any more besides these?

Amorphis, Tales From The Thousand Lakes - Light My Fire [The Doors]

Coroner, Mental Vortex - I Want You (She's So Heavy) [The Beatles]

Demons & Wizards, Demons & Wizards - White Room [Cream]

Iced Earth, The Melancholy EP - Shooting Star [Bad Company] & Electric Funeral [Black Sabbath]

Iron Maiden, The Trooper EP - Cross-Eyed Mary [Jethro Tull]

Megadeth, Hidden Treasures - No More Mr. Nice Guy [Alice Cooper]

Metal Church, Metal Church - Highway Star [Deep Purple]

Metallica, Garage Inc Vol 1 - Turn the Page [Bob Seger]

Nevermore, Dead Heart in a Dead World - The Sound of Silence [Simon & Garfunkel]

Pantera, Far Beyond Driven - Planet Caravan [Black Sabbath]

Sanctuary, Refuge Denied - White Rabbit [Jefferson Airplane]

Savatage, Fight For The Rock - Day After Day [Badfinger] & Wishing Well [Free]

Trouble, Psalm 9 reissue - Tales of Brave Ulysses [Cream]

Type O Negative, Bloody Kisses - Summer Breeze [Seals & Crofts]
Type O Negative, October Rust - Cinnamon Girl [Neil Young]

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year! :)
eh, i figure there are probably tons of Sabbath covers out there. Megadeth's cover of Paranoid is on Hidden Treasures, too. everyone who's covered Sabbath would be a project in itself. ;) i'd like to uncover a wider ground than that. just doing some personal research. i know there is probably a lot more to uncover. i'll try to add as i remember them but feel free to add your own! :) i've been trying to remember if Testament did an Aerosmith cover. i think they did Nobody's Fault from Rocks but i can't remember if it's live or not. (dammit) i'm a baaad fan. :cry: :p
wildfyr said:
i've been trying to remember if Testament did an Aerosmith cover. i think they did Nobody's Fault from Rocks but i can't remember if it's live or not. (dammit) i'm a baaad fan. :cry: :p

They sure did. That track was on The New Order album, they even did a video for it that got a good bit of play on Head Bangers Ball.

Here's a couple more---

Ratt - Walkin' The Dog (Ratt E.P.) (Aerosmith cover)

Motley Crue - Helter Skelter (Shout At The Devil) (Beatles cover)

CJSS - Communication Breakdown (World Gone Mad) (David Chastain's band) (Led Zep cover)

Anthrax - Got The Time (Persistence of Time) (Joe Jackson cover)

Wrathchild America - Time (Climbin' The Walls) (Pink Floyd cover)
awesome! yes. :D this is great. keep 'em coming!

i have a couple more too:

Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons Heh, a bunch o' stuff. Elton John, LZ, DP :D (eh, progmetal? so what :p )

Exodus - Fabulous Disaster - Low Rider [War] :devil: \m/

Judas Priest - Sin After Sin - Diamonds & Rust [Joan Baez]
Yep I was gonna add Helter Skelter by Crue and Walkin' The Dog by Ratt too...

Um what about:

Mama We're All Crazee Now by Quiet Riot (originally by Slade)
Cum On Feel The Noize by Quiet Riot (originally by Slade)
Hair Of The Dog by Britny Fox, Guns N Roses & Warrant (they'll all done it!) (originally by Nazareth)
Knockin' On Heavens Door by Guns N Roses (originally by Bob Dylan)
Fates Warning - "Closer to the Heart" (Rush cover)
Vanden Plas - "Point of Know Return" (Kansas cover)

I just thought I would add a couple of songs from a couple of my favorite prog bands. There have been so many tribute albums, I could make a list a mile long.

Pantera and CAt Scratch Fever
Megadeth and These boots were made for walking
Megadeth and I ain't superstitious
Testament and Nobodys Fault
My all time favorite is Johnny Cash doing Soundgardens Rusty Cage (strange but true!)
everyone, everyone... :D all of you. this is great. thank you for participating in my thread. :tickled: some choices may be crossing some lines, but who cares.


Grave Digger - Heavy Metal Breakdown - 2,000 Lightyears From Home [The Rolling Stones]

Metallica - Rubáiyát Elektra's 40th Anniversary - Stone Cold Crazy [Queen]

would Mr. Big fall under the "metal" umbrella? hmm, i dunno, might be debatable. if not though,

Mr. Big - Bump Ahead - Wild World [Cat Stevens]

i just love that cover... :) mmmmm... E. Martin, P. Gilbert... jaaaaa... ;)

@bestwestranger: i like the reversal bit. cool. ;)