Operth touring - and rumours about Australia

The timing for the europe-tour seem to be November - December now (instead of the September-October). Mikael even mentioned it on stage at Eurorock. :p If it works out as planned it will be so fantastic..headline (longer!) set :D and great band they're planning/hoping to take with them....but I won't jinx by spilling the beans too soon. Just all cross your fingers it works out cause it will be sooo fkn cool! :eek: :loco: :eek:
I know I've already heard this but it would be so cool if they did come :D :D :D

I just wish they'd push the proposed date back a little cause I'll probably have exams around that time. But one night...bah!!!! It's OPETH!!!!!!
I hope you are true as there is Tristania in concert in september too, also cannibal Corpse (yes i like them just for the fun fact)
it will allow me to save money for the Opeth concert if it's in november.
The september date were announced by the mags and the peoples booking Opeth shows in France...
I hope they are wrong and that you are right !
And i'm born in December, what an awesome birthday gift that would make :)
This dates were announced a while ago, they may have been changed since, i heard of them about 3 months ago, that's why i was asking question about them being headliners and what they could play...
I hope the concerts will be great and that they will be in December as it will be awesome !
They will be able to play more older songs too (Nectar, TNATSW...)
and maybe BRI as an encore :)
Aw...SOME! So, you got to see pretty much what they see from the stage. All those raving fans screaming with praise. That's not something you'll see everyday. Cool story.