Opeth Not Touring Perth Western Australia


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Jan 29, 2003
Perth Western Australia
For those of u who don't know opeth will be touring Sydney,Brisbane,Melbourne,Adelaide but not Perth.An well i happen to be in perth an am quite disgusted at the fact we are being skipped after all these rumoured tours an years of listening to the band.I realize this ain't the bands fault but is the promoters obviously aren't confident enuff that perth can pull a big enuff crowd which Mayhem proved could happen in perth late last year.An this would be greatly appreciated by all of us in Perth if other aus fans an any other fans that have been to an opeth show give the opeth info hell to see if we can get them to reconsinder.Thanks.

Sorry to hear that.

I wouldn't say half the fanbase is under 18 though, most under 18s listen to linkin park or something don't they?

If u pierce your lips, attach a padlock, then hand over the key maybe they will let u in. I think this would make consumption of alcohol somewhat difficult :)