Outkast and Kanye West

TylerTheNuke said:
My cousin is into rap, and the things he plays is awesome, but I don't know what it is. Radio crap is so horrible that I would not even consider just trying to guess and land lucky at the record store.

yeah rap fucking sucks man.
Babetee1 said:
I can't fucking stand rap. I could care less about bitches, cars, and bling.

Because all rap is about that. Yes. Just like how all metal is about how society sucks and how you want to kill your parents.
society does suck usually, but I don't want to kill my parents. I just can't take rap seriously. They all act so fucking gangster like they live on the streets and shit yet they are buying 200,000 dollar cars every month. I also can't stand the way they talk. I hear enough of that shit at school and it drives me crazy. A lot of my friends like rap and it's so annoying.