Panda Sound Store - Project Sessions, Drum Samples, Panda Bass!

Panda Man

Jun 15, 2016
Moscow, Russia


Hey, guys!
I'd like to share with you Panda Sound Store.
On it you'll find lot of amazing stuff, such as fully-mixed project sessions in all major DAW formats, drum samples, kontakt bass instrument, IR's, FX.
Check it out here:

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Using Vo’Devil Stokes Project Session, you’ll get to finally see all of the mixing secrets of post-harcore/alternative mixes. Project session opens for you settings to work with any element of your mix. Includes fully-mixed sessions in all major DAW formats, custom drums samples, kontakt bass instrument, IR’s.

Get it now at
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From now on, if you purchase selected products from Panda Sound, you will get a discount for Mercuriall's U530 and vice-versa.

Here is how you can get a discount:
1. If you purchase Vo’Devil Stokes project session (…/vodevil-stokes-project-session/), you will get a 20USD discount on the full version of U530 (
2. The same discount will work if you purchase U530 first. You will then be able to save 20USD on the Vo’Devil Stokes project session purchase.

This is just the first set of products - more will be announced as soon as new products are developed.

Stay tuned, friends!

Why wait until Black Friday to have Panda Bass or brutal drum samples? Right now you can get great deals on all Panda Sound products. Use coupon "blackpanda" and save 35% on your orders. Sale will be going on until the end of Cyber Monday, November 28. Cheers.