Planet X In Newcastle - Pics

Great pics mate!

Mine are up at

How was the audience at the gig? In Melbourne, it was kinda strange. For some reason there were tables and chairs in front of the stage, as if it was some sort of laid back jazz gig or something. I thought "bugger this" and went and stood right in front of the keyboards. No one apart from me and my mates really stood in front of the stage or headbanged or anything like that.

It was as if most of the people were just there because of the individual reputations of the guys in the band, rather than because they were into the band and their songs. I think the band had the same impression, until they started "Atlantis" and a big cheer went up from me and my mate Dean (cos it was the first song that we knew, not having heard the new album). That was cool, because Derek pointed at Dean, and Dave La Rue sort of nodded at me and then the band seemed to fire up a bit, knowing that they had some actual fans there.

It was a fucking great show all up, and the best part about it was getting to hang out with the guys for a while after the gig. They were all totally great guys without a hint of the dreaded "rock star attitude".
Both in Newcastle & Sydney the crowds were right up against the stage. Most people knew the songs.
I had a chat with Dave about his tour with G3, he said he was looking forward to it.

Your right about Atlantis - I hadn't heard it before the sydey concert, but it rocks.

I actually thought that derek would be a "rock star" wanker, but he aint. I'd meet MacAlpine at Utopia before the sydeny concert and he had remembered me, both after the sydeny show and after the newcastle show. You could tell nobody knew Dave cause I was chatting with him before the show and no one noticed or even said anything.