Please help me with my mix (Superior 2.0, Vetta II)


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Feb 25, 2005
Hey, I was just looking for a critique on the mix/song I've been working on with my band. Guitars and bass were recorded DI with a Vetta II. The electronic sounding drums were done in Reason as were the keys. The "real" drums are Superior Drummer 2.0. Vox were recorded with an SM58. Hope you enjoy.
Vocals are not loud enough.

Guitars are dark, not sure if that was the aim but they are really dark.

Yea, I took down the vocals a bit right before I mixed it down. I kind of want them in the back, but not to be in the back seat, so to speak. I'll have to bring those up.

And the guitars are intentionally dark as well. Perhaps a little bit too much, but I want the song to kind of sound desolate and a dark tone helps produce that kind of vibe. Perhaps a little more high end wouldn't hurt. Thanks for listening and the critiques.