Poisonblack - Escapexstacy


Heat in 7
Apr 17, 2001
Southern California
Century Media - 2003

By Rodrigo Escandon


Feeling the need to explore his role as a guitarist, Ville Laihiala singer of Sentenced, formed Poisonblack for exactly that reason. Joining him in creating his vision are his two close friends Janne Kukkonen (bass) and J.P. Leppäluoto (vocals) as well as session musicians Tarmo Kanerva (drums) and Marco Sneck (keyboards). Musically and lyrically Escapexstacy is not too far away from Ville's main band but it still manages to have its own unique voice which makes listening to this album a very enjoyable experience.

The basic difference is the fact that Poisonblack is more melodic, slower and not as heavy as Sentenced. The majority of the songs are mid-tempo with just a few raising the speed and heaviness like the excellent (but too short) opening track "Glow of the Flames". Heavy guitars, a driving bass line and subtle keyboards are the driving force behind this song. "Illusion/Delusion" has similar qualities but features plenty of cool guitar licks. "Exiter" starts with J.P. singing the verses with a keyboard melody line and then the rest of the band jumping in during the chorus. "In Lust" is one of the slowest and emotional songs of the album.

While not concerning itself in suicide, death and the other lyrical themes found in Sentenced, Ville instead focuses on lust and addiction for live, love, sex and death. Despite the differences in themes, the prevailing somber mood is ever present. The only difference is that instead of Ville singing his words its J.P. and he really does an excellent job throughout the album. He has plenty of range to carry the different levels of emotions needed for these themes.

Escapextsacy is definitely recommended to fans of present day Sentenced and other similar bands.

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