PSI troops

Windom Pearl

May 31, 2001
Tampere, Finland
This has absolutely nothing to do with Opeth, but as it seems to me some of you here on Opeth-board know pretty much about history, politics, military and related stuff, I'd like to ask if you know anything about the subject I ran into a few days ago when discussing with my friend. That is astral projection in military use, the so-called PSI troops. Fact or fiction? I was told that according to some source the US goverment has used lots of money on researching this subject. Which wouldn't be a surprise, after all, OOBE (out of body experience) is pretty common phenomenon according to any occult-related sources. I personally don't really believe in it, since I don't believe in soul, but my knowledge is of course limited. So, anything you could tell?
The u.s military has no boudt invested some money in this kind of research, although I wouldn't hazard a guess at how much. There's also some university or such somewhere in the u.s devoted to psi-stuff and what not: I'd hope they use at least somewhat scientific methods.

As for whether there are psi-troops or not... I don't think so. Heh.
i always have troubles believing in the supernatural, i don't think those exist but i do believe the US army has researched this as they research practiaclly ANYTHING that could be of ANY military use.
check Steven King's firestarter, a good fiction about PSI and the military.
It wouldn't surprise me if the CIA has done a fair bit of investigation into this area...I think a lot of it went hand in hand with the LSD induced astral projecting experiments held by CIA, military and various universities in the late 60's.
I think it's totally possible that the psi troop thing is true. People will try anything.

I also don't think that anything is actually impossible, but that somethings are quite unlikely and astral projection seems like it would fall into that category to me. If it is real, then it isn't supernatural or occult or anything, it's just an expression of universal variation and nothing too freaky. How we choose to lable things does not change what they are. I also think the idea of there being a soul is quite far fetched, but that's a different topic entirely and one we aren't likely to settle anytime soon, hehe. Anyway, I've ranted, cheers..