Apr 29, 2008
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MASTER - "The Human Machine"


(Now available in Super Jewel Box CD)


[Limited Edition Super Jewel Box Slipcase version (available in 2000 copies worldwide)]

25th May (USA)

Also available in Digital format on the iTunes Store

...::: Tracklisting :::...

1. The Human Machine
2. It’s What Your Country Can Do For You
3. Twisted Truth
4. True Color
5. Suppress Free Thinking
6. A Replica Of Invention
7. Faceless Victims Expelled
8. Worship The Sun
9. The Lack Of Space
10. Impale To Kill

One of the longest running battle-scarred veterans of Extreme Metal MASTER returns with their most influentially outspoken album on "The Human Machine". Ingenuous yet uncouth Metal is somewhat sporadic in recent times of the development of brutal music, but Paul Speckmann & Co. seamlessly delivers a bombardment of unpretentious, merciless audio assault in what should be sanctioned as ‘Speck Metal’.

"The Human Machine" is an inexorable train-ride of old-fashioned jarring Death / Thrash riffs; with the inseparable Crust inspiration for good measure and the razor-blade gargling vocals of Paul Speckmann is truly magnificent. The end-result is a devastating brew of incessant head-banging mayhem!

Returning back to the trusty Shaark Studios (Root, Fleshless, etc), reinforced with a thicker and even more powerful organic production, “The Human Machine” is a true paradigm of MASTER at their peak with absolutely no regard for any form of trends and rules. Also featuring one of the most sought-after artist Eliran Kantor (Testament, Sigh, Anacrusis, etc) providing probably the most creatively stunning artwork the band has ever had.

On your knees for MASTER!

“Dragging its venomous old school intent like a caveman with his club, Master are proudly living up to their name and taking their place among death metal's founding fathers.” – Terrorizer Magazine (UK)

“For all those who like their daily dose of Death Metal raw and without frills - here's your breakfast. Paul Speckmann and his boys deliver once more a good portion of straight forward Death Metal, stripped to the bone, without any fripperies. Well done!” – Rock Hard Magazine (Germany)

“In an era where so much "Death Metal" is overproduced, sanitized or mixed with something that ends in "core," it's nice to have something as ugly and nasty as Master. It'll put hair on your chest. It'll scare all the kiddies in the Suicide Silence shirts.” – Metal Maniacs (USA)

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SALEM - "Playing God And Other Short Stories"​

(Now available in Super Jewel Box CD)

25th May (USA)

Also available in Digital format on the iTunes Store

...::: Tracklisting :::...

1. Drums Of The Dead Part I
2. Drums Of The Dead Part II
3. The Privileged Dead
4. Exodus
5. The Downfall Of Paris Part I
6. The Downfall Of Paris Part II
7. The Mark Of The Beast Part I
8. Beast Lullaby
9. The Mark Of The Beast Part II
10. The Mark Of The Beast Part III
11. I Hate Pigs!
12. Playing God

The illustrious history of the unrivaled legends SALEM had always been a dauntless path but despite of all the obstacles throughout their 25-year existence, the band seemed to be an even more formidable and well-oiled resilient machine.

The seventh full-length album "Playing God And Other Short Stories" is a different twist to the quintessential SALEM conceptual songwriting structure. Based loosely on the concept of superheroes, "Playing God And Other Short Stories" proves the band's diversity to be able to move away from the political issues and still retain the unaffected integrity of the band!

Featuring the now-defunct Death Metal darlings At The Gates's frontman Tomas Lindberg appearing as guest vocals on two tracks and also utilising the services of the famed Sterling Sound mastering engineer UE Nastasi (Biohazard, Clutch, Devin Townsend, Sepultura, etc), "Playing God And Other Short Stories" is clearly a milestone in the band's intense and long enduring career.

"Playing God And Other Short Stories is one of those albums that keeps you guessing from stem to stern. It's thrashy, doomy and always one hundred percent metallic. It's also a smart album, throwing comic book themes and ancient Biblical scriptures into the mix. Who does that and does it seamlessly? Only a band with the chops to unify several disparate things into one cohesive album. That's Salem and Playing God And Other Short Stories" - Amy Sciarretto / AOL Noisecreep (USA)

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MORBID CARNAGE - "Night Assassins"


(Now available in Super Jewel Box CD)

25th May (USA)

Also available in Digital format on the iTunes Store

...::: Tracklisting :::...

1. Warlust
2. Slaughtering
3. Funeral Pyre
4. Empty Graves
5. Deviant
6. Castle In Pain
7. Night Assassins

Good old-fashion Thrash Metal will always prevail; Hungarian Thrash outfit MORBID CARNAGE unleashes a superlative effort of Thrash insanity that is best accompanied by ice-chilled beer and the wild, reckless abandon of the straight in-your-face slab of classick Thrash Metal bludgeoning repeatedly is exactly the point of the band’s latest effort entitled “Night Assassins”.

Seven tracks of razor-sharp cutting Thrash-o-dom at its most primitive and the sheer raw energy of “Night Assassins” is without any doubt one of the most genuine and conscientious album in 2010. Hail the blood, sweat and the beers!

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For those who missed Kolonized Mag # 0, here's the answers from Morbid Carnage on the magazines Thrash Metal special.

Term "Thrash Metal" means a lot of different things for many people. How you would classify your bands music with the general & subgenre terms? How you see thrash metal and the scene around it, should it be "closed club" or should it include every crossover brand of current metal from melodic to thrash/death/black, from prog to thrashcore/metalcore?

MÖRBID CARNAGE: Hy metal maniacs! In our opinion Thrash Metal is the most agressive and brutal wave of all metal styles. This style is a very important part of our youth in the past, and now very important too. We like Thrash style becouse we like all influences of '80s, The whole subculture, the feeling, humor, clothes and the killer riffs! Thrash Metal was help evolution to Black Metal, Death Metal and all another styles later.
We think that music of Mörbid Carnage an mixture of old European and American/South-American Thrash metal. Our goal is we make mind cruching riffs and tracks what constrain the metalheads to headbanging and bang your fist in the air!
Members of Mörbid Carnage get motivation from the old classic/cult bands to riffing to write old-school Thrash tracks and to make brutal concerts and partys.
We like many-many bands from all Thrash kinds from German ripping Thrash metal to Crossover Thrash, Many great bands working now in all kinds!
Thrash metal means agression, crab of our world and culture, politics and of human race. And of course means a very good feeling with partys, great concerts and a couse to drink many alcohols with our friends and metal brothers.

How you feel about media's attention to (thrash) metal music, does it cover it properly OR in professional manner? Does clone retrobands eat the space from original, upcoming bands?

MÖRBID CARNAGE: If I see the global media than I can't see any attentions from Thrash metal. But if I see the underground media, than I see many promotions, interviews, album reviews and many-many items what demonstrate this style for the young metalheads. Many items write in this days that this time is victory of Thrash metal over the other metal genres. But I think it's not fuckin' race. We like all genres of metal from black, death, doom, stoner and we like some Punk, Hardcore and Grindcore bands. We leave in the little metal orientated subculture and we support our friends and the bands what we like!
Now this days are part of Thrash metal's renaissance but just the hard, heartly maniacs/bands heave a chance to survive that. The clones and the trend orientated guys will lost in space! I guarantee it for you.

Metal and especially thrash metal is always associated with beer, so let your lagers fly and tell us your favourite beer(s) that go well with thrash metal music?

MÖRBID CARNAGE: Yes I agree, the Metal subculture is total associated with beers and any alcohols and occasional drugs. We can't understand the Straight Edge faces, we don't support the X and the vega lifestye:) The alcoholic partys/concerts belong to metal lifestyle. We've got a big underground friend and He've got a really nice phrase: "Somebody just plays rock'n roll, somebody live for this!:) Ha-ha!
Fave beers of Mörbis Carnage are the followings, Becks's, Gösser and Dreher (this one is the best Hungarian lager).