I bought Empire second hand today, and listened to it but still don't really know what it's like. How does that album compare to their other ones? Which are the best/worst?
It depends on what your after from Queensryche to which album you buy.
Empire is one of my favorites, great songs which just keep growing on you.
If your after a more metal album get the Operation Mindcrime masterpiece or The Warning.
If you like strange mellow progressive stuff try Promised Land.
Hope this helps.
Operation Mincrime is the greatest album ever recorded, ever.

The Warning and Rage for Order are excellent too.

Empire and Promised Land are decent, but they pale in comparison to Mindcrime.

Y2k and HITNF both are horrid. :deb:
DeathsSweetEmbrace said:
HAHAHA, how do y'all like this 4 year old thread!
But seriously, I've heard about a sequel to Mindcrime coming out. Judging by what Queensryche has done recently, I think it will be an utter blasphemy.

If we're going by what was played on the Judas Priest tour last summer with them playing "I'm an American," God help them. The band has stopped growing.
Rodrigo said:
The only album I like by them is:

Operation: Mindcrime

No other Queensryche album captures the "magic" they showed in that album.

Well that's not true. The EP, The Warning & Rage For Order are all brilliant records. Empire has its moments, as does Promised Land, but the buck stops there.

I would agree that O:M is their best release (it's my favorite metal album of all time).
I don't like this band. Everything I've heard is lame, sorry. And now there's that awful commercial on TV for "Metal Ballads" and Queensryche is on the commercial and the song is so bloody weak and they play it all the time and ugh.
Queensryche rules. End.

And, I happened to quite enjoy Promised Land. Hell, even "Open" was a decent tune the first ten or so times.