Question for anyone here in a band.. Or even not in a band


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May 25, 2001
New Hampshire
Would you say your band was inspired by Iron Maiden at all? I'm making a list, and there's a section for unsigned bands in it.

And a question anyone can answer I guess- Do you know of any bands that are inspired by them? I won't put it on the list unless you're really sure about it.

Here's my list so far-

Papa Roach
Smashing Pumpkins
Iced Earth
Nocturnal Rites (?)
Gamma Ray
Bruce Dickinson (skunkworks too)
Dirty Deeds
Cradle of Filth
Children Of Bodom
Dimmu Borgir
In Flames
Marylin Manson
Sebastian Bach
Opeth (?)
Steel Prophet (?)
Vital Signs (?)
One Minute Silence
Less than Jake
Foo Fighters (?)
Ancient Wisdom (?)
Angel Corpse (?)
Solitude Aeturnus (?)
New Eden (?)
Morgion (?)
Evoken (?)
Opera XI (?)
Absu (?)
Engrave (?)
From the Depths (?)
Terror (?)
Acheron (?)
Possession (?)
Ion Vein (?)
Deceased (?)
Mystic Force (?)
October 31 (?)
Prototype (?)
Diesel Machine (?)
Abbatoir (?)

Crimson Twilight

I'm curious is to how you determined other bands were inspired/influenced by Iron Maiden? Did you make this determination by evaluating similarities in their music, or by reading interviews by those bands? If its the latter, beware. A lot of bands name drop becuase its trendy. I have a hard time believing Papa Roach bears any resemblance to Maiden.
I don't really think it matters that much who directly says they are inspired by maiden. It's like naming who was inspired by the Beatles. Most of the metal genre, in some way, was inspired by maiden, or at least listened to them when they were young.

I'm curious is to how you determined other bands were inspired/influenced by Iron Maiden?

Most of the bands he listed were on the Dwell tribute albums, so, unless they are just trying to get publicity, (which im sure is the case for some), it is a safe assumption that they were inspired by Iron Maiden.

BTW, A Call to Irons (1) is still one of my favorite albums of all time. For any of you who don't already have it, get it!!
If you want to add more unsigned bands to your list I suggest you check out Solace Denied, plenty of Maiden riffage, but in an extreme kinda way.....

Follow the link below :)
I'd say I'm directly inspired by Iron Maiden more than any other band. I think they are the forefathers of true melodic metal. I started listening to them back in '82 when I was 7 years old. Damn, what a bleak place this world would be had it not been for Maiden!