RAKOTH - "Jabberworks"


Lord and Liar
May 31, 2001
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Got myself two nice new, shiny CDs yesterday. One of them was, obviously, "Jabberworks" by RAKOTH.

I bought the debut, "Planeshift", after a very good review in the Norwegian Scream Magazine (it got 7 out of 6 points!!), and was really impressed at first. The album didn't have a very long playability however, and now I'm a little sick of all the melodies that have been haunting my mind. A great album, of course, but a little too quick to tire.

"Jabberworks" is different from "Planeshift" - though it is undeniably Rakoth, there has been added a more tight structure to the music, the quality of the production has been increased, and the songs have a more coherent feel to them - in other words, the band has matured.

I have only listened to it twice, but it is a damn fine piece of music, with a very distinct sound and feeling, but I am a little afraid this album too will quickly be "worn out" if you take my meaning.

At the moment, its one of the best releases of recent months. RAKOTH is an original, highly melodic band and "Jabberworks" deserves the 5 out of 6 it got in Scream Magazine ... for now.