Redemption complete new album and sign to Metal Blade Records


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- July 22nd, 2015 –
Progressive metal act Redemption have completed recording a new album and signed with Metal Blade Records! The band is helmed by Nick van Dyk (guitars, keyboards), and includes legendary prog vocalist Ray Alder (Fates Warning, Engine), bassist Sean Andrews and drummer Chris Quirarte, as well as guitarist Bernie Versailles, who is presently on a medical leave of absence from the band.

Nick van Dyk comments on signing with Metal Blade: “We are incredibly fired up to join the Metal Blade family. Brian and his team have been friends for years and many of them have been supporters of the band from early days, and the influence of Brian and his label on the history of heavy music is indelible. We’re working with friends who are passionate about the music and who are some of the best in the world at what they do – Redemption is really excited about our collaborations to come!“

With the new record, Redemption is returning from a longer than usual break – van Dyk explains: “We’ve taken the longest break between records in our history, for a number of reasons. But we are excited to return with what I honestly believe may represent the best record thus far in our career. We are just putting the finishing touches on it now. The songs are unmistakably Redemption, with the combination of energy, urgency, melody and heaviness that marks all of our work. But the songwriting and performances have been taken up a notch across the board. The music ranges from short, hard-hitting power/prog to sprawling epics, including the longest song we’ve ever recorded with Ray on vocals. The album is being mixed as we speak and we’re very excited for our fans to hear it!“

Finally, Redemption would like to update everyone on the status of Bernie Versailles: “This is also the first record we have done without the involvement of our dear friend and bandmate Bernie Versailles, who is recovering from the aneurism he suffered last October. We are thrilled with his progress but his road to recovery is going to be a long one. After numerous conversations with Bernie, his family and close friends, we have collectively decided that Bernie’s recovery should be directed by what is needed to fully restore his physical well being, not by the needs of this band. Bernie is a founding member of this band and his place will be kept for him while he is on extended medical leave. We have been fortunate to have a tremendous guitarist step in, as well as a couple of other special guests. I look forward to announcing these guests in the coming weeks as the album is finalized. The guitar playing on this record is insane – and I think fans of a particular band are going to have their mind absolutely blown and can’t wait for the big reveal!“

New music and more details surrounding the band’s sixth album and follow up to 2011′s “This Mortal Coil” will be released in the coming weeks.

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Not sure what that last line means though "New music and more details surrounding the band’s sixth album and follow up to 2011′s “This Mortal Coil” will be released in the coming weeks."

Is new music referring to samples singles or will the record def be released 2015?